Center QUASAR: Bulgarian scientists will create two quantum communication tracks within two to three years

We don’t have to worry about the development of technology and, if we have enough common sense, we don’t have to worry about people being out of work. There are subject areas, such as artificial intelligence and quantum communications, in which Bulgaria is not inferior to other European countries. A Bulgarian scientific team will create two quantum communication routes within two to three years. We, as a nation, are flexible people – we quickly navigate from one situation to another, especially in the field of technology, and we have capable young people to help us. This was commented by Academician Chavdar Rumenin, Head of the Competence Center QUASAR and Deputy Director of the Institute of Robotics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, in the program “The World is Business” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

“Quantum communication is already a fact and is practically happening in countries like Germany, France, USA, Japan, China. There they have clear successes in the field of quantum communication. We, in Bulgaria, also have certain success. In the next two to three years, we will create two quantum communication networks. One of them will connect several ministries, banks, hospitals, and the second one is to reach the border point with Greece called Kulata and connect with our Greek partners, and from there there is a channel that connects us to the EU, to Brussels. It’s in our hands and it’s completely realistic.”

We don’t have to worry about the development of technology and, if we have enough sense, we don’t have to worry about people being out of work. Because what we have to do is to develop such systems, such algorithms, to generate such knowledge so that we, the people, can be better, have more time for self-development and self-improvement, Academician Roumenin emphasized. “And those are the most important things.”

Quantum communication occurs and develops at the quantum level in the physical sense of the word. “If, God forbid, a nuclear explosion happens, the mushroom prevents us from having a radio connection with the classic radio waves that were invented and used for communication since the time of Nikola Tesla. It has been developed to perfection, but it has its flaws. Not to mention natural disasters, such as earthquakes. When they are of the 7th-8th on the Richter scale, there is also a violation of the communication capabilities of the environment.”

The Lead Organization in the Consortium IR-BAS via CoC QUASAR (QUASAR) is the competent national body in Bulgaria in the field of quantum technologies and responsible for further deployment of the national QCI. Through its expertise in the field of quantum communications and technologies QUASAR will guarantee the successful implementation of the project in accordance with all technological requirements and priorities of EuroQCI. The team in the Centre will take active role in all activities within the project which include technical design, hardware and software implementation. It will also take responsibility for the full verification and validation in the development of the QCI networks and systems. In addition, the Centre’s experts will participate in the preparation of the training materials for the planned use cases, training of different potential users as well as the exercises, demonstrations and dissemination of the results. QUASAR is also responsible for cross border cooperation with a Greek consortium in relation to the development of the National QCI Roadmap 2024-2027.

Electron Progress EAD (EPROGRESS) is a leading Bulgarian defense industry communications and information systems (CIS) integration company. It is the successor of the former Institute of Special Electronics (ISE), founded in the late 60s of 20th century. The company is a cutting-edge provider of C4I (command, control, communications, computers for intelligence) integrated solutions for Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transportation and Information Systems and other governmental and corporate organization’s needs. EPROGRESS has extensive experience and unique know-how in the development, design and implementation of communications and information products and systems. It has provided over the years CIS solutions based on the systems integration of ATM, ISDN, SDH, MPLS, VoIP, etc. technologies over fiber optics, wired, wireless and satellite communications media. The company has also received a patent in the field of improvised explosive devices (IED) counter measures. The company’s employs are highly skilled specialists in the area of CIS for national security and government purposes and almost all of them hold “Secret” level national security clearance and many of them have NATO “Secret” level security clearances. Currently EPROGRESS ensures the operation of the existing dedicated network in the Ministry of Defence of Bulgaria. Based on this and further having this specific clearance in the field of defence, the partner is selected to integrate the QKD layer in the existing network in the Ministry of Defence of Bulgaria.

Enterprise Communications Group (NCOM) is a leading integrator of the latest classical communication and information technologies. The vast majority of large government and business organizations in Bulgaria use NCOM technologies to organize their existing networks for voice and data transmission, to implement information systems or data centers, to build customer service centers and more. Within the scope of the project this partner will provide all the equipment and infrastructure necessary for the deployment of the planned QCI networks. Further they are responsible for the QKD layer integration (both hardware and software) within the existing terrestrial communication networks of a Bulgarian telecom operator. The experts of NCOM will take part in the practical demonstrations of the systems to potential users. They will gather data and determine the potential difficulties in relation to implementation and give recommendations for improvement of the deployment process from engineering point of view.

Correct Consulting Group (CORRCONS) is a consultant company possessing Technology Transfer Office working with public authorities and administrations, as well as with a large number of business organizations, NGO’s and the industry. The partner will organize the seminars, webinars, conferences and other training aiming to ensure the “Science Business” connection and efficient QCI deployment for the industry as well as to provide the necessary research environment. Using its experience in dissemination the partner will be responsible for the organization of demonstrations of the new QCI networks and systems to the largest number of potential users from the research industry, public authorities and other interested institutions. In addition, the partner will ensure the preparation and implementation of the Communications Strategy in implementation of the QCI plan, taking into account the main objectives and priorities of EuroQCI and the Digital Europe Programme.